A creative and a powerful next-generation digital advertising agency that reaches globally targeted audiences.

In Target Digital, our vision is to improve the lives of users by ensuring the brands gain the most value from desktop and mobile devices. We lead the discovery of desktop and mobile advertising thorough customized advertising experience. This enables users to discover new products and services through the publications we create with the devices. Thanks to our revolutionary advertising platform, brands can quickly reach the point which they aim via targeting the usersworldwide correctly.
Target Digital, was established in a transparent environment with people who has had experience in advertising and development industry. Because the founders had the necessary vision and passion for raising an industry to its highest level. Some of the world's most important innovations have always been confronted with major problems, and we were not different from those that faced them. This is our story; the first step for us was to be innovative and professional company established in Turkey.
At Target Digital, there are three factors that make our people more than they are now, and that are the basis of our culture. Imagination, unity and action. Our culture enables our entire team to think big in order to maximize their potentials, solve opportunities for growth, and deal with complex challenges to offer them various opportunities. As a strong team, we are passionate, creative, fun, and loving, and we focus on results. We're changing the world of digital advertising with an office in Turkey.